How to Recommend Products Using Tags on Shopify the Smart Way

We realised that many merchants are not unleashing the full power of Linkcious so we want to illustrate what Linkcious can do.

This article is for merchants who want to recommend related products using product tags. Different product pages will use different product tags to recommend products.

The merchant can get creative and recommend products using keywords such as “white”, “orange”, “square”, earrings”, tables” etc.. and Linkcious will recommend groups of products based on the keywords chosen.

There is a bit of coding but the difficulty level is really easy.

Our method works much better than the default “Use product tags to recommend products” method because our method allows the merchant to select group of products instead or just recommending a specific item.

For example, using the default Shopify method above, the merchant will need to set the exact handle of the recommended product, and the recommended product will only feature that product selected.

Using the method below, a merchant will be able to set product tags such as “hats” or “belts” or “earrings” and our widget will automatically look for “hats” or “belts” or “earrings” within your store to recommend on the page where you put in the tag.

Any number of tags can be added, and a merchant will be able to add as many product recommendations as they wish to each product.

We promise that this is no more difficult than other methods!
  1. Install Linkcious for your Shopify account. It is free for lite users.
  2. From your Shopify admin, click Online Store, and then click Themes.
  3. Find the theme you want to edit, click the ... button, and then click Edit HTML/CSS.
  4. Include your snippet in product.liquidAt the very bottom of your product.liquid file, add the following code:
    <!-– <linkcious keywords=’keyword1, keyword2'/>-->
  5. Change the keyword1 and keyword2 into the product tags you want. If you want to use different product tags for different products depending which product page you are on, use this code instead:
    <!-– <linkcious keywords= '{% for tag in product.tags %} {{ tag }} {% endfor %}'/> -->

    The Linkcious widget will automatically select groups of products based on the product.tags associated with each product.

  6. If you don’t want to use the product.tag to recommend products, you can use product.type too:
    <!-– <linkcious keywords= '{{ product.type }}' /> -->

The Linkcious widget will automatically select groups of products based on the product type associated with the product.


And you get the idea.

This is really nifty!