When ‘Ala-ed-Din had surveyed the palace in every part, he rejoiced and was greatly delighted. Then turning to the Slave, he said: “I desire one thing of thee, which is still lacking, and of which I forgot to tell thee.” And the Slave said: “Ask on, O my master, whatsoever thou wishest.”

So he said: “I desire of thee a carpet of splendid brocade, and let it be all worked with gold, and such that when spread it shall reach from my palace to that of the Sultan, so that the Lady Bedr-el-Budur when she cometh hither may walk upon it and not tread upon the bare ground.” So the Slave went away for a while, and on his return said: “O my master, what thou didst ask of me is done.” And he took and shewed him a carpet which captivated the reason, and it stretched from palace to palace. Then the Slave carried ‘Ala-ed-Din back to his house.