This lingerie company A/B tests the world’s hottest women to see who you will click


For each bra, Adore Me shoots multiple versions of images to run on its website. The distinctions between the pictures might include different models wearing the same set in the exact same position, or the same model in the same set in a different position, for example. Then, like any good tech company, it tests the options to find out which one sells better.



Who will you click?

A/B testing pretty women

Fast Company published an article recently about the lingerie company Adore Me detailing how doing A/B testing helps them drive interaction and increase sales. This happens all the time on the Internet, for example, Netflix A/B tests its recommendations to increase revenue; Google A/B tested the color of its ad links to maximize clicks and the Obama campaign A/B tested its website to maximize campaign donations.

THIS.. is similar to how Linkcious helps small ecommerce merchants. Not everyone has the capacity to write an in house solution to select product recommendations and we take machine learning and artificial intelligence and it them accessible to smaller merchants.

Linkcious automatically test out different products in different layouts and will choose to show products that customers are most interested in.

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