Why we added Zopim to our website


I think Linkcious is really easy to install. I mean, how difficult can it be? The steps: 1) Customise the layout, 2) Click on “Get Code”, 3) Stick the code onto pages where the you want your related products to show.

I don’t remember our first user or the second or the 105th but I know only 10% successfully install our widget. Encouragingly, users who have successfully installed Linkcious do not uninstall; they keep on using in almost perpetuity. However, not many users are able to successfully install.

Our successful install rate is much higher recently but still nothing near what we except. Hopefully Zopim chat will help us understand the problems users are facing during installation.

For the uninitiated, Zopim is a a live chat web widget. It claims that web owners can chat with visitors in real-time.