The Related Products Widget: The Ikea Case Study

We built Linkcious because we cannot find a good related products widget that automatically selects products from a specified domain and places them contextually on any web page. Lets highlight one specific group of users who might be interested in this post:

E-Commerce merchants who want to show their products on their friend’s blog or on Google DFP.

In this post, we will show you how to use Linkcious to contextually show products from the Ikea store on our blog posts.

Add Domain

The first step is to select the correct domain and enter it into the ‘Add Domains’ section.

See Linkcious In Action

After adding in the domain, visit the ‘get code’ area to get the piece of code you need and paste it in all your pages that you want Ikea products to show up. This is exactly what I have done for  the 2 sample articles below:

Note that no additional tags were added in the pages above as Linkcious will detect the content of the page and the decide what to show from Ikea. Everything shows up contextually. Impressive, no?