[Merchant Of The Day] Mzube – Cool Gifts for Cool People


About Mzube – Cool Gifts for Cool People


Mzube stocks a fantastic range of unusual novelties and gadgets from possibly some of the best designers around the world. These designers include Wild & Wolf, Suck Uk, J-Me…

Linkcious Case Study

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Linkcious Links

See the ads below in action on Mzube’s product page here.

We have configured this page to show you products about  Salt and Pepper Shakers from Mzube. (This is done by inserting the comment tag <!– linkcious keywords=’SALT AND PEPPER’ /> –> in the body of this page.)

Linkcious automatically decides what products to show base on the content on your page if no linkcious keywords tags are used.

Linkcious is an intuitive way for ecommerce merchants to turn their products into ads.